Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Where Are They Now"

Maddy was selected to participate in a
Junior Achievement Pitch Night -- "Where Are They Now?"
segment this week!
Back in middle school [was that only 1 year ago???],
 the students developed, pitched products and sold
items just like JA did back in the dark ages
when I was in high school. 
But . . . we did JA in high school, didn't you?
And no, I am not telling you
how many years ago that was!

Anyhooo -- due to her little booming etsy business, 
her business/computer
teacher, Mrs. B, called and asked her
to be in the "Where are They Now" portion of
the Pitch Night!

It was so much fun for her to talk about the bandana business and
answer questions from the experts (business leaders from our community)
and to visit with teachers/parents from her middle school days.
Proud Mom moment to be sure!
Since the end of January, she's sold over 200 bandanas!
That's a lot of stylish pups out there! :)
Thanks for the invite Mrs. B!


Jodee said...

Wow! That was the perfect event for her! I can't believe how many bandanas you gals have cranked out this year. So crazy!

Kelli said...

Proud momma moment for sure!!

Laurie said...

That is SO awesome!! I can't wait to find out what new businesses she's going to create in her future- we sure like the one she started with- SO CUTE!!! Congrats, Maddy!!