Monday, May 1, 2017

Happy May Day!

Hello May!
Oh my word --after monsoon rainstorms all weekend long,
 we nearly had snow last night -- what happened 
to lovely warm spring temps???
Seriously -- there should never be snow in April or May please!

Here's a little flashback to May Day 2010!
Wow -- I loved that cute haircut on her!!

In any event, we are ignoring the ridiculous rainy and almost snowy weather 
and forging ahead praying for warm and sunny days!

And ha -- we have the same May Day bags this year!
Not to worry we're not using the same popcorn from 2010 --
it's fresh and terribly yummy!  I had to sample, of course!

Happy May Day y'all! :)


Laurie said...

SHE IS THE CUTEST!!!!! Happy May Day to you too! :) We've got flooding all over the city- CRAZY rains the past few days. Today is calm and cool- so far. But you know how I LOVE my weather in the 50's, so I'm happy! :)

Jodee said...

Love the flashback picture! Hurry back, spring! Our weather is beyond crazy!

Billie Jo said...

I had a similar haircut on Peyton years ago. : )
Sooo cold here!
We may see snow this weekend, and my favorite trees are just starting to bloom!
Have a cozy evening. : )

Kelli said...

Such a cute picture!!

Lisa said...

such a cutie! we had snow last week. ugh!!

Katie Clooney said...

What a sweet picture. We are expecting rain for the next 8 days. Ugh. Hope you have a sunny weekend.