Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Recap

Wow -- hard to believe Christmas is behind us and New Year's quickly approaching! We had a great holiday! The weather did not cooperate for shopping as it snowed or iced up every single weekend in December. On Christmas Eve, Philip and Catherine took Maddy to Alvin and the Chipmunks and I stayed home and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped! Maddy was super sweet. As youngest, it was her job to hand out gifts on Christmas Day and she was a pro at it and so sweet -- what a perfect day! I think everyone was happy with what Santa brought to them this year! I figured that I was going to receive a couple of questionable gifts (anti-wrinkle cream and hair de-frizzer--not kidding!!!), so I put the ixnay on those and told the hub to save those for some other time. I didn't want to open them in front of everyone. And I tried the hair de-frizzer and it didn't work any better than anything else anyway! I guess it was the thought that counts and he was thinking of helping me with my hair, etc., but really, those type of products should not count as Christmas gifts, should they???

We spent part of Christmas Day at my parents and that was fun. Their little dog was so hyper at first, but he calmed down and Maddy declared that she wanted a dog too -- not gonna happen -- sorry sweetie!

Maddy went roller skating with a group from the YMCA this week, so we tried it again today! She was a good little skater and it was fun to spend some time at the local roller rink this morning. Pretty quiet too and not too crowded -- perfect for novices.

Looking forward to a quiet New Years -- as truthfully, we are pretty boring, but that's ok with us. Can't wait til 08!!

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Jodee Leader said...

Great Christmas pictures!