Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Resolutions and stuff . . .

Oy -- time for New Year's resolutions and only a day or two or week late -- pretty much right on schedule for me! Isn't it funny how you (well not you, me actually) always think of clever things to write at night when you're supposed to be sleeping?? Too bad I don't remember what it was that was so clever when I actually sit down and post. Anyway, I'm sure I was thinking of my new year's goals . . . or maybe some new furniture that I need, oh well, let's go with goals and resolutions, etc.

1. First, I must confess -- I love even-numbered years -- they just feel better to me somehow, so am delighted that we are now in 2008! Here's a resolution and goal I've been working on for a while already (besides getting to an even-numbered year!) and have had some success, so am going to keep at it. First resolution/goal -- exercise at least 4 times per week and try that power pump or toning class again (even though it almost killed me).

2. Continue my "better eating" routine on at least 5 out of 7 days a week. Yes, chocolate is part of that routine, but not such a BIG part of it as it has been in the past.

3. De-clutter and throw out junk! I need to do that A LOT, but I tend to get overwhelmed easily. I just need to start tossing without even looking at it or thinking about it.

4. Have more fun -- always a great goal, I would say! See more movies, read more books, spend more time playing with Maddy.

5. Go to the movies with the hub at least once a month. He has loved the chick flicks I've dragged him to in the past, so here's fair warning -- there will be more movies in 2008. Now, if only I could resist that buttered popcorn!

6. Get ready for my son's wedding in May! So exciting -- I can hardly wait! I must start thinking about a dress and what to do with my hair -- yikes -- help -- a makeover is needed asap.

I'm sure there are more, many more things I need to work on, but that's it for now or I'll never get this posted.


Michelle said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I can definitely relate to your New Years goals ... of course I still have to put mine in writing.

Your daughter is beautiful!

Jodee Leader said...

Those are all great resolutions!