Sunday, January 20, 2008

Is is over yet?

Can January please be over . . . soon??? I always hate this month -- it's way too long, too cold and such a let-down after the holidays. I thought this month might be better this year since I'm doing great on my diet and exercise plan -- which is/was going well -- never mind about for all those little Reece peanut butters cups I've eaten this weekend! More and longer exercise called for next week.

Started out the month with a dental appt for little M -- who had to get 2 baby teeth pulled. They just weren't coming out fast enough for the permanent teeth coming in fast. She was such a good girl about the whole thing. It helped that others in kindergarten have lost teeth and she was so anxious to lose one and have the tooth fairy visit. She also had to get a new earmold for her hearing aid. Great new pink glitter mold which is just her style, though it seems she is a bit anxious to take the hearing aid out every evening due to it being "too hot." OY -- how can it be hot when its so so cold here? Anyway, we're working on her wearing it more and longer.

And the cold -- ugh -- bitterly cold has led to frozen pipes in the half bath on the main floor. Luckily, Dr. Google helped us to figure out what to do the other night and now we have a space heater going whenever we are home to keep the pipes from freezing up again. This artic cold spell cannot end soon enough in my book. And more snow forecast two or three days this week -- somebody help me.

Hmmm -- we did get a flyer from Disney World suggesting a quick long weekend trip. Oooh the warm temps are oh so tempting!!! Last year at this time, she and I were at Disney and then on a Disney cruise with my sister and her daughter. It was such a great time -- wishing we signed up to go again!


Michelle said...

Your daughter is gorgeous! ... as for the weather I know exactly what you mean ... I think it's dipping down to -29 here tonight. Brrrrrr!

Jodee Leader said...

Jan -- We are ready for January to be over too. What a long month! Keep up the great work on your diet/exercise program. You are going to be one hot mama at Philip's wedding this summer!

Perrin said...

Oh that picture of your daughter is adorable. She reminds me quite a bit of Ava, is she a Hunan kid too? They are only 1 month apart in age. Take care.