Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jumping into February

Whew -- nearly time to jump into February -- YAY -- I could not be more ready for a new month! Last weekend it was up to 50 and even 60 one day. Then the polar plunge happened . . . AGAIN . . . and we're back to single digits. Brrrr! Come on groundhog -- give me some good news!

What a difficult week it's been. One of my good friends from work was laid off in a reduction in force. Oh my -- that makes me so sad. I will really miss her, but I know we will keep in touch, so that softens the blow a teeny bit. Then Maddy had to deal with some mean remarks at daycare -- break my heart -- she's only 6 years old! Got that taken care of and hoping it doesn't happen again --nobody messes with my girl!! AND -- my big toe has a nasty infection--I know, TMI right (!)-- got into the doc yesterday, so it should be improving in a day or two. So, I figure this week can only get better and it's finally Thursday, so that's a step in the right direction!

Maddy starts gymnastics Saturday -- that should be fun. I think she's part monkey anyway and she really wants to learn how to do handstands and cartwheels and there is no way I could ever teach her those skills -- I can barely do a somersault!
Yikes -- just realized that it is only 4 months until my son's wedding! The diet and exercise are going well for me. But what will I wear? What will I do with my hair??? Note to self -- get busy!!

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Lisa said...

Sounds like the mama bear will make real sure NO ONE messes with her daughter!!