Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ahhh spring!! Achoo!!

Well, spring is finally here! Yay for that and for being outside more. . . . but, aaaachooo!!! My allergies are really bothering me! But no, don't worry, I haven't sneezed so hard that my eyelash extensions have come off!!

Maddy and I did tons of yard work/clean-up last weekend and enjoyed looking at the neighbors' yards. Not exactly snooping -- just enjoying their flowering plants!. Next door, our neighbor's forsythia is blooming and is so pretty -- but, oops, they missed it -- they're out of town. And behind us, another neighbor's magnolia tree is blooming! OH. MY. GOSH -- that is one pretty tree! And oops again -- they missed it -- they are really out of town, as in out of the country in Shanghai, PRC. I was a tad worried that I might make them homesick by emailing a photo of their lovely tree. But, the wife said she was so delighted to receive it on a dreary, rainy day in Shanghai. We hope they will be back home this summer with daughter no. 2 from China. Their no. 1 daughter is 4 and Maddy loves to play and visit with her. New and different toys, you know -- and we have missed them this past year. Fingers and toes crossed that all goes as planned and they return with two darling girls in the summertime.

And it just wouldn't be a good trip to the school playground or park without Maddy climbing around and doing flips! She's little, but her upper body/arm strength is amazing! Truthfully -- it always worries me a bit that her hearing aid will fall out -- but it hasn't yet, so I am just going to give up the worrying about it. More nice weather forecast this whole week -- we are so, so lucky!


Rachel said...

Cute pics! Your daughter is beautiful!

Thank you for your comment about the bath thing - I feel so guilty when she stands and screams. Its good to know that another child did that for months. For most people I read/talk to, their girls seem to get over it in weeks!


Jodee Leader said...

Jan -- I am so glad your beautiful eyelash extensions haven't fallen out yet! Keep taking your allergy medicine. HA HA!

Cute pictures of Miss M! She is one strong little girl!

Shari said...

Cute pictures of Maddy!! I know we are enjoying the nice weather but are having a terrible time with allergies!!!

Jake and Taryn said...

I love all the pictures of Maddy!...and we too are loving this spring weather! :)

Bridget said...

Happy Spring! Your comment about your eyelash extensions cracked me up! Maddy is a doll. I love the pictures of her playing at the park - too cute!