Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Grad Party Update

Well, you'll all be happy to hear that the graduation party went off without a hitch! We had plenty of yummy food and drink, cookies and cake. However, the weatherman evidently did not get the party invite as it poured buckets that day, but otherwise, it turned out very nice. And wow -- did Philip ever luck out! Catherine's family is so nice -- no weird in-laws at all.

The little kids were all so well-behaved. Maddy liked being the "boss" since she never gets to boss anybody around . . . except for me and Rick, that is. The kids were so good in fact, that we totally spaced off taking any photos of them at all! And they were so adorable! The little boys (there were 4 in all) were so cute and reminded me a bit of when Philip and Connor were little. And little Meghan was adorable and loved playing with Maddy's girlie stuff, like the doll house and Princess Pony castle -- oh my -- such fun!

And bonus -- I realized that I am kind of "with it" and not so old as to be out of the loop, after all. Catherine's sister and sisters-in-law were all extolling the virtues of Spanx and spray-on tans . . . just like me!!

Even though we managed to forget the kids in the photo-taking, we did manage to get a couple of the graduate. Pic above of Maddy and Catherine and below of Catherine, Philip and her siblings and spouses. Congratulations Catherine! We're so proud of all you've accomplished!!


Lisa said...

glad it went so well. Doesn't the kids being angels make you just swell with pride!!

Jodee Leader said...

It sounds like Catherine's graduation party was a blast. Cute pictures too!

Kate said...

Sounds like a fun party...and an accomplishment worth celebrating! And how great that you are going to love your new in-laws (is that the right word??? You know what I mean!)

Spanx and spray on tans.....oh my...suddenly I feel old!! I better get with it!! I DID wear a contraptionn of some sort to Lia's Mother's Day breakfast...and I have to say I am pretty sure my internal organs were permanently damaged.....ugggggg!!!!