Friday, October 31, 2008

A Halloween Preview 2008

We had a little Halloween dress-up preview last night since the Rickster is headed out of town and will miss the big night. When I first told Maddy about a week ago that he would not be home on Halloween, she burst into tears! Awwww -- she is such a Daddy's girl! Usually, I take her trick-or-treating and he stays home and hands out treats until we get home. Then, she takes over and throws handfuls of candy into each trick or treater's bag. So, she put on her "Princess Witch" costume last night so that he could see it too! The hat (my favorite part of the costume) kept falling off her head, so she really had to pull it down! I'm guessing that she won't be wearing the hat much for trick or treating.

Look carefully, you can see her eyes under the hat! Yes, she did dress up a Web*kinz chipmunk -- what -- nobody else does that???? And she insisted I take a photo of Princess Chipmunk by herself and be sure and post it!! Can you tell who is the boss at our house?

Isn't she lovely? Sweet little Web*kinz!

Doesn't her witch hat make a cool shadow in the background?
Almost a little scary!!!

So, tonight she is trick or treating with her best friend, Mei. Will try to get some more photos, but no promises -- I'm supposed to be holding the flashlight and Princess Web*kinz. I'm sure there will be loads of giggles and lots of running from house to house. No doubt there will be some candy-eating going on! Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and get lots of yummy candy too!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

LOVE the witch costume...Maddy looks so good in purple!!

You are right....that shadow is a little spooky!!

Princess Chipmunk looks mighty cute too....maybe she will score some candy of her own:)

Have fun tonight....and try to sneak in a few pics:) I just gave Nick's Dad the lecture....

Kim said...

What a great witch costume! Maddy is adorable! Love the fact she wants to dress up her chipmunk to be apart of the festivites.

Have a great time tonight!

Lisa said...

Oh! She looks so cute in her witch costume. It's adorable. Her chipmunk is pretty cute too...ha!

Have a Happy Halloween my friend!!! I can't wait to hear all about it! : )

Kerry said...

Hope that Maddy and her Mommy had a great time treating! Maddy must be a good witch- too cute to be otherwise!

So glad to she that mine are not the only ones dressing up their animal friends. You had a flashlight and a chipmunk- I had a flashlight and a horse with fairy wings! Our sweet girls.
Have a wonderful weekend Jan!

Sharon said...

What a beautiful little witch!! Hope you had a great night!!!!

Jodee Leader said...

I love, love, love Maddy's witch costume! I hope to see more pictures from Halloween!

Have a great weekend!

Felicia said...

What a beautiful witch. Hope you have a wonderful Halloween weekend.

Lisa said...

very cute! I hope you all had fun

Erin said...

That is one lovely witch. Each year, I am happy when it is over, but somehow sad, thinking that nest year, my little girl will be older!

Heather said...

Maddy's costume is adorable.

For the record, Emily dresses up her webkinz all the time! That lil' princess chipmunk is too sweet.