Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Weekend Update

Wish I had a great intro for my Weekend Update like SNL, but no such luck. But . . . our weekend was lots of fun! We started Friday night by having BFF Mei and her Mom over for dinner before trick or treating! Oh yeah, I go all out for company -- we had hot dogs, chips and nachos!! Hey, at least I knew the girls would eat the fancy fare I made and I was right -- they gobbled it right up!! :) Here they are just before starting out -- Mei was one of the girls from Camp Rock and Maddy was . . . well, the Princess Witch! The hat only lasted for the photos!

After going a few blocks during which time, the girls raced from door to door and argued (in a nice way, of course) over who got to ring the doorbell, we ended up back at our house. Then the real fun for them began. Yes, they both said it was more fun to hand out candy than actually trick or treat! Blasphemy -- if you ask me!! When I was kid -- it was all about procuring a LOT of treats! Alas, the competitiveness of these two BFFs continued as they each had a bowl of candy. They didn't wait for the trick or treaters to come to the door --- no, they went out to the front walk to grab unsuspecting trick or treaters to try and be the first to throw candy in (or in some cases), at the little ghosts and goblins who chanced upon our walk! It was loads of fun and the weather was so great -- that there were lots and lots of trick or treaters out -- which kept both girls busy and happy!! Now, it's Sunday night and time to get ready for school and the week ahead. Hoping that the teachers are ready for a bit of sugar overload tomorrow!


Kate said...

What fun...and hey...I'd come over for dinner anyday...sounds like my kind of fete!!! :-)

Maddy does look happy...but I agree...passing out cnady instead of gathering it??? Is it upside down day???

Have a good should be an interesting one to say the least!!!


Bridget said...

The girls look so cute and sounds as if they had a fun night! I guess it is better to give than to receive - but I would rather receive the candy than pass it out:) Oh well it all sounds fun. Hope you have a great week!

Michelle said...

What gorgeous girls!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

You are so funny...I am surprised they ate anything for dinner! Our kids were so hopped up about trick or treating they wanted no part of dinner!!

The girls look so cute....I think it is hysterical that they wanted to hand out instead of go door to door!! It must have been fun for the two of them to be together!!

Sounds like a wonderful night!!

PS....I like to keep all my bloggy buds on their toes!!

Erin said...

You rock... hot dogs, chips, and nachos! My libby liked handing out the candy too... I guess our girls know in their hearts that all the candy they could want is theirs for the taking anyhow--- in the basket by the door. ;)

Jodee Leader said...

Adorable pictures of the BFFs! It sounds like they had a great Halloween!

Your dinner would be a big hit at our house too!

missy said...

Just look at those two...they are GORGEOUS!!! I love all of their "friendly" bantering : ) It sounds like they had a blast! Hope you have a great week!

Chris and Deb said...

These to BFFs are just adorable in their costumes! Sophie was the same way.....she loved handing out the candy much more tha ringing the door bells! LOL! Hope you have a great week!

Pixel Fairy Princess said...

I love coming over to your blog - Maddy is always got the biggest smiles! She is the happiest little witch around! LOL - my little Princess isn't much of a trick-or-treater and would rather hand out candy too - only problem is that no one comes to our door!

Ladybug hugs,

Kim said...

What fun those two had! BFF's and memories that they'll always remember.

Your my kind of lady! Hot dogs & chips are a staple at our house.

Have a great week!

Shari said...

Sounds like Maddy and Mei had a fun Halloween!!! Cute pictures!! Have a good week!!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I know, wouldn't you hate to be a teacher on Monday morning after Halloween? How crazy to even try and fight all that sugar! :) Your sweet Maddy looks so pretty! And you gotta love the hot dogs and nachos!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like Maddy had a great time. She looks so cute too.

What fun!


Heather said...

Oh what beauties...and that dinner, works for us:)

I always liked handing out the candy - you got to see all the costumes that way.

Glad it was a fun night.


Donna said...

Glad you guys had such a great Halloween...your little princess witch is adorable!