Thursday, October 23, 2008

This and That and Photos!

Last Sunday, Maddy took a little cooking class sponsored by our local school system's hearing impairment services. Since Maddy is the only child in her whole Catholic school with a hearing aid, we thought it might be a good idea to be involved in activities where she can see other kids with hearing aids [and I do think it made her feel good to see that other kids have hearing aids -- she's not the only one]. She was a bit hesitant and wanted me to stay. And, believe me, I thought of that and had offered to help, but they said they had enough helpers. When I went to pick her up a couple of hours later, she reported she had fun and wanted to go to the next one too! YAY!! Can I just say -- I am so proud of her! Not that long ago, she would have never wanted to go to something like that by herself when she didn't know anyone at all. But, she walked right in and then waved bye to me as I left! Plus, she made some wonderful treats -- pretzels, caramel corn, vanilla corn and a rocky road treat made in a cupcake liner. Yum!

Then, we went to part of our University campus known for having a good background for photos. There were so many people there with exactly the same idea. It was a perfect fall day!! We actually had to wait for a location on a little bridge. It was lots of fun! Maddy and I had a good time and I got some sweet photos -- at least I think they are sweet. Or I guess, sweet and scary -- as she tried to jump out and scare me!! :)

And in other household-type news, I removed the wallpaper border from the kitchen. I thought at first . . . this is so easy!! HA! But then I realized that I also had to remove the gluey residue as well. It wasn't really hard to get off, but time-consuming (and we have a small kitchen). It took me about 3 hours Saturday night. When I finally went to bed, I couldn't get to sleep because my arms and shoulders hurt so much from being extended over my head getting the wallpaper glue down for 3+ hours! Mark my words, I will never put wallpaper up again!! Haven't even started the painting yet, but that is next! Keep repeating to myself . . . it will all be worth it when it's finally finished.


Bridget said...

Maddy looks so cute in these pictures! Good for her going to the cooking class on her own - that's great! What a great way to meet other little ones who also have hearing aids. I would love to introduce her to my sweet little niece who started wearing hearing aids last year - she sure has come a long way! Good luck with the kitchen project - sounds like a project I would be working on:)! Enjoy the rest of the week!

- Bridget

Dawn said...

Cooking class sounds like alot of fun!!! I LOVE the picture of Maddy on the cute with the scarf!!

Kate said...

Good for Maddy!!!! And those treats do sound great! It's a bit heart wrenching and rewarding at the same time when they begin to branch out....

I love the photos...nice job! And it's a bit funny that you had to wait...kind of like taking beach photos....Nebraska style!!! :-) They were worth the wait though...and Maddy looks like she is having so much fun!!

Jodee Leader said...

It sounds like Maddy had fun at her cooking class. The mix they made sounds soooo yummy!

These pictures turned out so cute! She looks so grown up in them.

Lisa said...

Maddy looks beautiful in all of her pictures. I love her scarf--too cute!

Her cooking class sounded like fun--yay fo Maddy that she stayed by herself!!!!

Good luck with your kitchen project! : )

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I am so happy the cooking class was a success! She is growing up Jan....little miss independence!!

The pictures are adorable...I love the "scary" one....she is so sweet!

Don't even get me started on wallpaper. Our old house was covered in it and I cannot tell you how many nights we spent scraping wallpaper.....UGH....I said the same thing...I WILL NEVER WALLPAPER ANYTHING!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Rachel said...

I love the pictures. Maddie looks so cute and so grown up!

I think its great that Maddie got to meet other kids with hearing aids. Its important for kids to know there are other kids like them - whether they're hearing impaired, adopted, short, tall, - anything. I'm glad she enjoyed the class.


Rebecca said...

What great photos you got of Maddy!!! I love the bridge ones. :) Well worth the wait!

I'm so glad that she was a brave girl and tried a new class - good for her!!

Good luck with the rest of your kitchen project. We took wallpaper down in our house after we moved in and it was NOT FUN!!! But... it was worth it! :)


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Poor Janet! Did you totally ruin your fingernails too? I tried removing wallpaper once and it was one of the worst projects I ever did. Also, I just said out loud while reading your blog, "That little girl is so cute and stylish!" and my husband wanted to know what I was talking about, so he wandered over. He agrees! Have a great weekend!

Christy said...

That is so cool that Maddy can have activities that she has like peers with hearing aids. So obviously, if she is the only one with a hearing aid at her school then she must be in a general ed program with just some hearing specialist services-- right?? Anyway, the bridge pics are perfect!! I love them. i need to take my kids out and get some frame worthy pics.

Love all the cute pics!!

Christy :)

Donna said...

Oh gosh, that picture on the bridge is fabulous...nice job! She looks so cute and full of joy!

Kim said...

So glad to hear the cooking class went well! Sounds like she's on the road to becoming a fabulous chef.

These photos are great! Maddy looks like she could be a model! She is just adorable!

Kerry said...

Jan- these are beautiful photos of Maddy. Love her sassy outfit.

What a brave girl you have to attend this new group by herself and staying and having a good time. It sounds like a wonderful program for her- always good to know that others are in the same place that you are. Great for self confidence. Hoping that Maddy enjoys it.

Have a great weekend. Hugs to your sweet girl.

Michelle said...

I just love, love, love that photo of Maddy on the bridge. That should be enlarged and framed. It is beautiful!! SHE is beautiful!!

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

Wow.. good for her. What a brave girl. That had to make your heart smile!

And darling pics!!! She is so stinkin' photogenic!


Jennifer said...

Wonderful pictures of Maddy. I am glad she had a good time at the cooking class.

Wall paper is so hard. You kitchen will look great when your all done. Good Luck!


Sandy Toes said...

She is so cute and full of life!
-Sandy toes

Felicia said...

Way to go Maddy on the cooking class that is great. Love the pics and I'm with to wallpaper. Once you've taken it down, you sure don't want to put it back up.

Erin said...

Good for you, Maddy! Cooking is a wonderful thing to do with new friends! I LOVE these photos. I may pull out the black & White scarf in our closet, and take a few myself. Maddy has such a natural look in photos... she is a beauty inside & out!