Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Coronation Revisited or The Ball - Part Deux

Remember when we went to the "big event" in Omaha in October? Guess what . . . we had some family photos taken there. I mean really, how could I resist?? We were all so dressed up and that rarely happens, and . . . surprise, surprise, the event organizers had photographers right there ready to snap as many photos as you wanted! No doubt, a Mom somewhere in the organization knew that other Moms (moi included) would want some some concrete evidence of how good everyone (guys especially) can look if they just focus, get some spiffy duds and take some time to clean up a bit, right?! Love the family shot above (from left Philip, Connor, Rick) and in front (Catherine - Philip's wife- and me) and this one of me and Connor. When did he get so tall anyway??

But, it's obvious, isn't it -- someone is missing from the photos. And little Miss M would not be happy to see photos that she was not a part of --as it is, when she sees an old family photo from when the boys were young, she gets a very sad look on her little face and says, "Where was I? Why wasn't I in the picture?" So, I figured out a way to keep my little princess happy AND get to wear my dress again! Since she is a girl that likes to get dressed up, she and I put on our fancy dresses (yes, I dragged that damn Spanx out again!) and had our photos taken together.

Can I just say while I love all the photos, the ones of Maddy and me together just totally made my day! It's like a dream -- a wonderful, happy dream to have her in our family! I know I am totally gushing here, but she is such a sweet girl. She really made our family complete!


Lisa said...

Awwe, those are beautiful pictures of everyone!

How special that you went and got your picture taken with Maddie too! Your dress is gorgeous, I can understand why you would pull it out again (and those spanx,ha) to take those special pictures with her!

You have a beautiful family!!!

Anonymous said...


Rachel said...

Beautiful pictures! You're such a thoughtful mom to get dressed up again to have your picture taken with Maddie. I love the closer up picture of the two of you!

I've always commented on how cute Maddie is, but your boys are pretty handsome! :)


Kate said...

Oh my gosh made my day too!!! You have a lovely family...and I am just so touched that you took the time to effort to suit up in the Spanx ( you think I could don spanx daily??? I am tired and my willpower has seemed to have taken a LONNNNNNG vacation)...and get your pciture taken with sweet Maddy. Lovely photos all around!!


Missy said...

Beautiful girls you two are! I am with Kate, I love that you went to all of that effort to have your pic taken with your baby girl. She is one lucky little lady!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

These pictures are just BEAUTIFUL Jan!

You are so sweet to get dressed up again for a Mommy and Daughter photoshoot......I know I told you before, but I LOVE the dress.....and Maddy's too....the two of you look PERFECT!!

Okay, well know that I went on and on about you two.....the rest of the fam looks just as FABULOUS!! I hope that you have these framed in your home, cause they are beautiful!

Dawn said...

Beautiful photos...I love the pictures of you and Maddie too! I my family feels complete.

Pixel Fairy Princess said...

AWE! Beautiful! You and Maddie are so beautiful and I love that last image!
Ladybug hugs,

Jodee Leader said...

Jan -- These pictures are just fabulous! I especially love your dress! I am so glad you decided to do the photo shoot with Maddy! Those two pictures couldn't be any cuter!

Kim said...

What a beautiful family! Absolutely love the photos of you and Maddie together! Worth getting the spanx out again (too funny) :-)

Sandy Toes said...

Oh my those pictures are just beautiful!
-sandy toes

Jennifer said...

Wow....beautiful pictures of a beautiful family.

I love the last picture of you and Maddy. She is a beautiful little girl and looks so happy.


Kerry said...

What a beautiful family you have. And yes- the first photos are not quite complete!

What a wonderful idea to go and take some with Maddy. You both look so lovely.

You must be so happy and proud of your kids!

Shari said...

Your pictures turned out so great!!! Plus, what a great idea to go and have your pictures taken with Maddy!!!! She is very sweet!!!!! Love the pics!!!!!!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I love those of you and Maddie! You both are just beautiful.

Heather said...

GREAT Photos - Love your dress and Maddy's for that matter and how handsome are those guys?? This is a super post...what a sweet mommy to re-spanx and embrace the moment with your lovely daughter. Just awesome, thanks so much for sharing.

Have a great weekend.

Lucy said...

Such beautiful photos. I especially love the ones of you and Maddy. Your dresses are beautiful! So sweet and I too understand the trauma of having to roll on the Spanx again. :)
p.s. thanks for all of your sweet comments on my blogs!

My Heart Beats In China said...

What a beautiful family!

I love the Mommy and daughter photo.


Erin said...

I love the photos. The gold dresses are very beautiful. You and Maddy look like you were made for each other. Because, of course, you were. These are very great pictures, and it is nice to have some formal ones. We don't have any yet. Maybe when one of my sons gets married? Spanx... you are funny!

Bridget said...

I love all of the pics - but the ones with you and Maddy are so sweet!!! Your dresses are so pretty! What a sweet mom you are to Spanx it up again and get your photos taken!

You have a lovely family!

- Bridget

Lisa said...

I LOVE family pics and your are beautiful! You all look so gorgeous. happy family.