Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mish Mosh & Scattered!

This post is all over the place and I couldn't come up with a title . . . hence -- "Mish Mosh" a/k/a "A Little of This and A Little of That". And, I don't think I've done a bullet list before, so here goes.

  • Maddy and I went to our Farmers Market last Saturday. It was a beautiful day and so crowded! Can't imagine how packed it will be when the sweet corn is ready. We bought some new door art -- one for us and one for Philip and Catherine. Such a sunny day, she was sporting her new shades! It's hard to find sunglasses for such a little face and nose, but I love these. Unfortunately, I think we misplaced them already, Wishing I had some just like hers!

  • Congrats to my son Philip and his wife Catherine on their first wedding anniversary last Sunday, May 31! Wow -- that year went by so fast! They are one of the sweetest couples I know (and I'm not just saying that because we're related and he reads my blog)!

  • Mr. Tennis and Cboo made it to Peoria with the uhaul trailer without any trouble, though it did take quite a bit longer than the usual drive.

  • Cboo had his first day yesterday and said it was "interesting." Interesting good that is!

At the Farmer's Market -- I just like the lines in this photo, so included it,

and since it's my blog, I can do that! :)


Kimi said...

Maddy's shades are super cool....I love cat eye glasses.

I think I need to make a trip to the Farmers Market myself...it sounds DELISH!

I love the photo you too at the market, very artsy!


Gail said...

Ohhhh...I am lovin' those lines Janet!!! Nice job.

We have an awesome Farmers Market here in Madison every Sat. and I think I need to go now that I've read your post...thanks for the reminder.

And those cat eye sunglasses are pretty cool. My sister had cat eyes when she was little, shows you how old I am...LOL!

Hope your week is going well!

Laura L. said...

Well I think Mish Mosh is a good title. Sometimes I think my posts are a bit like this too.

Congratulations to your kids on 1 year!

Cute photo of Maddy.

paige said...

farmers markets are always such cool places for photo ops!
congrats on their anniversary--such a good looking couple

Lisa said...

You've been busy! Wow, I can't believe that a year has gone by already! That really was a fast year!!!

Courtney said...

Love the shades!

Lisa said...

wow! Just a year ago you were sportin those eyelashes and spanx!! It wa a quick year!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

can't wait to see the door art pictures. Gosh I like this time of year. farmers markets, the garden centre.


Kerry said...

Maddie is ready for summer! Love her adorable glasses- although I can see most any pair looking super cute on her.

Sounds like you have had a busy but fun week! Your farmer's market sounds great. I need to make a trip too.
Hope you are having a good week.

Kim said...

I LOVE the door hangers, you'll have to let em know where you found them because I must have missed those, they are adorable.

I am glad to hear the everyone is getting off to a good start this summer.


Marla said...

I love the door art and shades, summer is here!! I love the farmers market too.

Jodee Leader said...

I wish we could have met you at the Farmer's Market last weekend. Unfortunately, I don't know when we are going to get there this summer. I love your new door art too!

Congrats to Philip and Catherine -- that was a super speedy year! You still look fabulous a whole year later -- I love your long lashes!

mommy24treasures said...

the farmers market sounds wonderful. I wish we had a local one.
Love the pics, hope you have a great week.

Jill and Rick said...

Hi Janet - it's Jill from our "we are losers" group! LOVE your blog and I can see I've got tons of reading to enjoy here.

I can SO relate to a lot of what's been going on in your life lately, and I know it's hard.


(& I MUST remember your Starbucks thanks a latte idea for next year!)

Donna said...

Maddy is totally rockin' those shades!

Kristin said...

Sounds like you had a very cool time at the Farmers Market! Love the picture!!

Felicia said...

Fun mish mosh at that. I love your last sentence...you are so cute!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I love that last photo...you are right, GREAT LINES:)

SO happy to hear the uhaul made it!! I cannot believe that it has been a year since Philip got married.....My first visit to your blog was right around the time they got married....seems like yesterday. They do look like such a happy and cute couple!!

Love those glasses that Maddy is sporting...she is too cute!


Sandy Toes said...

She is so cute...I love that BIG red ladybug in the back!!!
sandy toe

Kam said...

I'm with ya...my head is spinning! I love these kind of posts...bullets that let us know what's going on in your life! I'm loving those shades and man! What a lovely wedding pic! One year~how fun!

Casey said...

Love the wedding photo!! They are beautiful. I think that would be the best job.... a wedding photographer. Always sharing the joy.