Sunday, April 18, 2010

Opening Weekend!

The Lovely White Wedding Peacock -- beautiful to behold,
but wow -- that bird can screech!

Janie and Maddy on the way to see the kangaroo!
Our sweet little local zoo had just had its opening weekend!
The weather was lovely, so Maddy and I and her friend joined the many visitors to see what was new at the zoo!

Yes, there were lots of new exhibits and animals, though some projects are bit behind due to our long and snowy winter. Soon, we hope to have some penguins and crazy monkeys happily ensconced in their new habitats.

Guess what -- we ran into Jodee and Kamree there and enjoyed hanging out and riding the train with them. Maddy's friend pronounced Jodee as "fun"! She's got that right! No doubt we will enjoy many visits to the zoo and get our money's worth out of our zoo pass!

Kamree, Jane and Maddy in front of the otter pool.


Colleen said...

OMW that peacock is gorgeous!!!!!! looks like a fun day!! We love going to the zoo.

Kim said...

Great shot of the "Angel: Peacock as Alyssa calls it. What great day to visit the zoo, the weather was perfect! It look like you had a great time!

Kim said...

I have never seen a white peacock, it's gorgeous! I've got to get the zoo on our calendar. What a fun place to spend the day!

Gail said...

Wow! the white peacock is stunning, you know that the only time we saw one was in China when we adopted Will.

Looks like you all had a great've inspired me to take me 2 to our zoo near us. :)

Jodee Leader said...

Thanks so much for hanging out with us at the zoo. We had a blast! The weather was perfect! Cute pictures of the girls! Let’s do it again soon – maybe for a Wacky Wednesday night after CCD is done!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

I have never seen a white peacock before. How beautiful!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

OK, Maddy just could not be any cuter in her little shirt and skirt. I love the zoo pictures! Looks like you all had a blast! :)