Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Update

Every Monday I wonder -- how did the weekend go by so fast????

This past weekend, Mr. Tennis and I went out! Shocker! Yes, indeed -- we went out by ourselves without our darling daughter. Her fave babysitter was with her and they had so much fun together. She is actually like a big sister to Maddy.

So, what did the Hubs and I do? Went to A Chorus Line!! Not the one on Broadway, though wouldn't that be fun! We saw the touring group. Wow -- it was fabulous! And, our seats were in the very first row in the middle. Perfection! I wasn't sure how Mr. Tennis would like it. He's not that in to music or musicals, but he thoroughly enjoyed it too!

Yesterday, the weather was decent and halfway warmish, so Maddy and I took little Miss Muffy (not so little anymore) on a couple walks.
That dog loves to be outside! She really protects the backyard, though I do kind of wish she could do something about the rabbits that seem to like to live in our yard/neighborhood!
Don't even get me started on squirrels! They taunt and scold at Muffy day and night -- no wonder she barks!
Who wouldn't bark at those pesky critters!

[Why yes, Maddy did carry her own snack on our walk -- Xtreme Goldfish -- she was very hungry! Muffy refuses to look at the camera, but doesn't she have such a cute Scottie profile!!]

And now back to Monday -- a snowy Monday at that! :(

We are so ready for spring!!!


Kim K. said...

What a fun weekend. Such a pretty picture of Maddie and Muffy too. I'm leaving the girls and jetting off for a work conference. This the first time I'm leaving Josie since she came into our lives. I'm not sure I like it.

Best wishes with that snow. We still have mounds of it here in West MI. I agree. Come ON spring!

3 Peanuts said...

Muffy is so CUTE!!!! That is great that you had a date. Dave and I are LOBG overdue for a date too. Love Maddie bringing her own snack along for the walk.

Gail said...

Also so happy you had a date and night out!!!

Muffy is adorable, love her profile. Our warmest it's been here is like 45 on Friday. Winter has stayed way too long.


Jodee said...

It sounds like you and Mr. Tennis had a fun night out! I love, love, love going to The Lied Center!

Cute picture of Maddy and Muffy! That snack is a hoot!

Hurry up, spring!

Erin said...

Oh Janet... I've been off the computer and just discovered that your mother passed away. I am so sorry! I can tell that she was a very loving and kind mother to you. I know you will miss her terribly. I ache for you. Fondly, Erin

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I love that picture of Maddy and Muffy....and yes, she has a great profile!! SO SUPER CUTE!

Hope you had a great time with Mr. Tennis. Pat and I will be getting our first date night in two weeks. Have not had one since before China:)

Have a great week~



PS. Hope the snow stays away

The Sanders Family said...

Sounds like so much fun! I would LOVE to see A Chorus Line. I've only ever seen the movie, and loved it. Glad you had a good time. Great photos!

Sharon said...

So glad you all had such a nice evening!! That Dog!! Perfect profile. Bailey has a dress with scotty there must be just an art about their design opposed to other dogs. And Janet, thanks again for your sweet comments. I can't tell you how they make my day!! You are an angel who has no idea the encouragement you give others.

Kim said...

Yeah for date night and warmish weather! Were you a little surprised that the big snow storm fizzled out? I was but pleasantly. Have a good rest of the week!