Thursday, March 10, 2011


Things I'm liking right now:

Warmer weather; sunny skies; snow melting -- mud disappearing.

Clean puppy dogs!

A gold card (well that looks black, doesn't it) well, mine is gold -- please don't be jealous.

After all, it's not an Am Ex gold card -- it's a Starbuck*s gold card, even better!! :) -- yum -- my fave drink is the Tall Skinny Vanilla Latte -- so delicious! I've had so many in the last few months, they sent me a coupon for a freebie. Think I will cheat on the skinny vanilla latte and try a skinny caramel macchiato.

Isn't that top Aaaadorable!!
Kind of wishing I had those long skinny legs and cute hair to go with it!
But trying not to be greedy, I did get that Free Starbucks drink now, didn't I!

Most adorable daughter with Scottie silhouette -- looks just like our sweet Scottie-pup!
Want one too? They have all kinds of dogs -- sorry, no cats -- the makers are evidently NOT cat-people. Ooops, can't find the link -- sorry!!


Missy said...

Love them all! My fav starbucks is the skinny vanilla latte, too! Yum! Maddy is growing up so fast!

Kim K. said...

Cute stuff. I'm longing for spring clothes. That top is fabulous.

Bring on the weekend!

Jodee said...

Great finds! Let's head to Starbucks one day over the noon hour! It sounds sooo yummy right now!

Football and Fried Rice said...

That's MY drink too! It's like 130 calories, right? Lol..

And saying "no foam" gets you a few more sips of the REAL deal ( and makes it hotter for those of us
That enjoy our coffee HOT!)

That top is super sprigy! I cant wait to break out the white pants!

Football and Fried Rice said...


Not "sprigy" whatever that means ;)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Ooooooo.... your two fav Starbucks drinks are the same as mine! I waiver between the both of them! I always say that I am going to try something new, but never do!!

Love that shirt...and I also wish I had those long skinny legs to go with it.

Maddy is SO ADORABLE..... where are you going to hang your new silouhette?

Happy Weekend~