Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve Flashback!

More fun to flashback on previous New Year's Eve than to tell you that I'm home this year nursing my poor foot -- though it is is feeling so much better already!! 
Love me some good meds! ;)

Happy New Year -- 2009

Usually, we go to our local Children's Museum for Make Believe Midnight with my friend, coworker and blogging buddy, Jodee.  Since there are usually about 600-700 people/kids there, the probability that someone would step on my foot is pretty high, so we opted to stay home this year. Jodee bailed too and she will, no doubt, tell you all about her New Year's Eve on her blog in the coming days.

So, without further chatter, photos from 2009.  We were having noodles at the restaurant next door before the festivities!!

Maddy and Carson -- 2009

Happy New Year!!


Courtney said...

I would say you are much safer staying home with your foot this year. Happy New Year!

Kim K. said...

Happy New Year, dear "foot" friend! Thinking of you.

Happy "Year of the Dragon"!!

3 Peanuts said...

I suer hope you are feeling better. Been thinking of you:)

Football and Fried Rice said...

Well, I cant wait to hear what Jodee did!! Cant believe how little Maddy and Carson look from JUST two years ago!!!!

happy New Year! Hope your foot HEALS soon!!!!

Jodee Leader said...

Love, love, love this flashback post! We have sooo many sweet memories of the crazy Make Believe Midnights that we went to!

I, too, can't believe how much Maddy and Carson have changed. They are growing up on us. Sniff sniff!

Bridget said...

hAPPY neW yEAR!!!!! finally catching up:) Love all of your Christmas posts - Santa cracks me up!! Your party sounds lovely - would have loved to have been there. We hosted the neighborhood party for five years. I took last year off and started again this year! Lots of work but so fun! Hope you are feeling better and that foot is in recovery. Miss our "photography Wednesdays:) I still have LOTS of work to do. Hoping to catch up in January!!! Hope you have a Wonderful year ahead of you!!!!!

Laurie said...

Maddy and Carson sure make a cute little couple, don't they? :) Enjoyed your flashback, and am happy to hear the meds are working!! :)