Sunday, July 15, 2012

Makeover Revealed

While not totally finished as we don't have anything up on the walls
(but, I kind of like the clean look!), here's a look at Philip's old bedroom transformed
 into our new guest room and/or my or Maddy's getaway room!!
Maddy with Swampy testing out the new bed!

The paint color is Martha Stewart's Cobblestone (from Home Depot)
 but we used her secret recipe and got ours mixed at Sherwin Williams
 as we are partial to Shermy Williams' paints. 
Love it!!

Oooh -- a tv/dvd player in the bedroom! 

The carpet is a frieze and is kind of a mix of some beige and grays --
so soft!

Bedside table and lamp.

The overhead light is a bit industrial -- but I like it and
that's what really matters, right!

We did manage to get it all done before our first guests --
my sister Amy and her daughter, Grace arrived. 
Amy deemed it perfecto
and said it was the best night's sleep she had in months!

While I picked almost everything out for the room,
with some input from Mr.Tennis,
others were so helpful and deserve special thanks!

Connor put the bed frame and the bookcase together, put up the overhead light
and helped move furniture.
Matt, our friendly painter and his assistant did a fab job
repairing the ceiling and painting and there is nothing easy about painting
 the walls in a house built in 1924 with lots of so-called  "charm."
And Mr. Tennis did a fabulous job supervising! 
Moving on to another room soon!!! :)


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

L O V V V V V E!

I especially love as I have that same gray quilt! I have it mixed with lots of yellow! So you know I LOVE it.

Hope you are well my friend.


Jodee said...

What a fabulous makeover! Everything looks perfect! You did a great job!

Kim K. said...

That is a fabulous color. We're paint shopping. Once we are home again from our road trip, Mr. Chris is going to start on his to-do list again.

Laurie said...

I love everything about it. Everything! :) Wish I could hop over and play some Mad Libs with Maddy! :)

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Love the room makeover! I agree about the clean look. Sometimes the clean looks great after the clutter is removed.

Courtney said...

Love, love, love the look of the room. I'm sure it is a wonderful retreat!

Lisa said...

looks soothing and comfy! great job!

lori carolina said...

Could you come to my house next?!! And bring some of that 1924 "charm", I'd much prefer that over the charm of the 80's:) Grass is always greener, right?:)
Your getaway room looks great and I could so get a great night sleep in there too, love it! Love the lamp, the wall color and the clean look, great job!

Sammy said...

Looks really nice and my kind of color.