Friday, July 20, 2012

Putt Putt Anyone?

Guess what -- just like the rest of nation,
 Nebraska has been baking the last several weeks.
We always have hot and humid summers --
but usually the hottest temps do not hit until August. 

Starting out -- 10 AM -- 97 degrees!

Welcome to July this year! 
But . . . whenever I start to complain whine about how HOT it is,
 I think of winter and freezing temps and snow and ice and messy weather
and that snaps me right out of it. 

As you may or may not have read, my sister and her daughter were in town recently!! 
 They live in Florida -- in hot, sweaty Florida. 
Nebraska was hotter and more humid than Florida -- go figure!

Finding a little bit of shade!

But a little thing like 100 degree temps and a heat index of 110 was not
going to stop us from having fun! 
No sirree bob (we say weird stuff like that in Nebraska)! 
We were going to HAVE. SOME. FUN. or
 melt trying.

Amy, Grace and Maddy.
Think I had a "6" on this hole -- oy!!
So, we went and played some putt putt golf!   Even starting at opening time of
 10 AM was H O T!   But, I think I actually played my best game --
 Grace and I both got holes-in-one! 
 She may have had two, but she is on the golf team at her junior high, after all.

And even though it was so hot and so humid,
Maddy said it was the best day of her life -- spending it with her cousin!

After such a rousing game (somehow I came in last even with my best game),
we headed out for tacos and met Mr. Tennis there.

Grace loved seeing him on his motor scooter!! 
 (He had just popped a peppermint into his mouth
so that's the reason for that silly expression!)


Courtney said...

I agree, I will take heat over cold and ice any day. We have been plugging along in this heat trying to get in as many summer activites as we can.

Kim K. said...

You get lots of credit for venturing outside in this nasty heat. What a fun day for the girls. Your hubby is so cute on his scooter. I do wonder what it's store after such a mild winter and extremely hot summer? Could be really scary.

Kristin said...

What a fun day even with the heat! This summer has been stifling....and we expect it here in GA. But geesh!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Who knows when this heat spell is going to break! I saw an article in the newspaper that said these record temps could continue until Halloween. But we will take the heat over the cold and snow any day.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Hey friend!

I think it is warmer in Ontario than Florida! Good lordie it's hot up here!

"Mr. Tenis" is adorable on that scooter.

stay cool.


Jodee Leader said...

So glad you had a nice visit with Amy and Grace. Love the putt putt pictures!

I am definitely looking forward to fall after these crazy hot temps!

Hope you had a great weekend!

lori carolina said...

Wow, I can't believe it's that hot so early in the morning, it's prob the same here but I haven't bothered to check. :) It was the same thing for my sisters coming down from the north, it was hotter up there than down here in SC!
Well it's great that you are making the most of it regardless and it's always a great reminder to think of the dead of winter. lol
These pics are so cute, love the scooter and the girls are adorable!