Monday, August 20, 2012

More KC Fun!

We didn't spend all our time in Kansas City at the American Girl* store,
but we could have --
 I wish I could open one nearby!!

Sit back and relax --
 this post has loads of photos!

Maddy and I also hit some hot spots around Crown Center. 
 Mr. Tennis was horse-hunting -- yes, I said
horse-hunting, not house-hunting! 

He wanted to bring this home, but I put the ixnay on that idea!

We loved our location - Crown Center! 
And if we had done a little research ahead
of time, we would have participated in the Race for the Cure
that was going on that Sunday morning! 
What crowds!!

The race was winding down -
can you imagine how many people participated!

Maddy and I visited SeaLife (across the street from our hotel) --
what a cool place!  Afterwards, we both declared our favorites
from the SeaLife exhibits to be the Seahorses -- oh my word --
they were so adorable!!
Also saw a gigantic disgusting green eel! 

From a distance, we thought this guy was real!
Nope -- made of Legos!
Also hit Legoland and wished that had been there when Philip and Connor were
young as they loved Legos. 
But, those Lego projects can be sooooooo tricky
and some kids (not saying who!) insisted that the
 finished project be exactly like the one depicted on the box!! 
  Might have caused a few headaches (for me) as I recall.  

Another Lego creation!

There were a couple of crazy fun rides in there, but otherwise,
Maddy and I deemed it for kids
 younger than 10 years old and and more for boys!

I could probably put together a Lego giraffe!!

We tried and loved the Crayola Cafe!! 
 Fries just like Steak 'n Shake's she said --we miss that place so much!

I did force Mr. Tennis to take a couple photos
of me to prove I was also there! 

Seemed to take forever for him to snap a photo!!
We girls were getting restless!

We had so much fun that Maddy even said later that it was as much fun
 as DisneyWorld!!
 Wow -- that's really a compliment!!

Dancing fountains!

Next up ---
Fifth Grade here she comes!!

Looking so grown up - isn't she! 
Slow down already!


Kim K. said...

You really did have lots of adventures while you were in KC. Josie has become with Legos lately. I can see a Christmas wishlist in her future. Darling pics. 5th grade! Wow.

Bridget said...

Looks like you didn't miss a thing in KC! Nothing like the AG store - so glad you got to go! Your pictures are great! You are becoming quite the photographer! I need to review and practice:( one of these days. I can't believe your sweet girl is going to be on 5th grade! Yikes where does time go? She is a real beauty! Hope all is well!


Jodee said...

It looks like everyone had a great time in K.C. I can't wait to check out Legoland the next time we are there. I think you need to head to Great Wolf Lodge next! You could then shop at Legends!

Kate said...

Looks like so much fun!!! We loved the AG store in NYC...planning to take the girls there this fall. Fifth grade...ouch. :-) She looks happy and ready to go though. I hope she has a wonderful year!!

lori carolina said...

What fun!! Have never been to an AG store, I must go! Love seeing pics of you!