Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Deja Vu

Hmmm --
Not sure if she is thinking about the holidays
or wondering if I will ever be able to talk someone else
into going out for photos???

Back to deja vu . . .

Remember this post about my options for boots last winter?

Well, deja vu . . .
all over again! 
I'm back in the boot!

Due to an unfortunate encounter with a stroller
[yes, the stroller won]
and my continued running on it,
the diagnosis is  . . .
broken foot AND a broken toe!


So, I am back in the boot until the middle of January
Guess I could put some bells on it and call it my Santa boot!???

Think I might be calling this the  year of the "gift card."


likeschocolate said...

Sorry about your foot! Stay away from strollers!

Courtney said...

Oh no. Sorry to hear about your foot. Hope it heals up and you're out shopping for a cuter pair of boots soon!

Kim K. said...

Dang. I had a strange feeling you were going to be mentioning the dreaded boot when I saw the Deja vu heading. You have my complete sympathies. Been there. Done that. Hugs.

Laurie said...

BOO to the boot!! I am so sorry to hear this news. What a bummer!! But it sounds like you are having a good attitude about it? :) Maybe? Just a little bit? :)

Catherine said...

Sorry the stroller got the best of your foot while you were in the line of duty as our beloved "Mimi!" Hope you're taking full advantage of this time to take it easy, eat some dark chocolate, and take Courtney's suggestion to online shop for a cuter pair of boots! Love you!

Lisa said...

ouch!!! feel better soon. decorate it with ribbons and bells?

Jodee Leader said...

You poor thing! I think it's a sign to take it easy this holiday season! Gift cards are perfect! Of course, let me know if you need a personal shopper!

Happy healing!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

I can totally picture Jodee being your personal shopper! I also love the comment about shopping for some cute boots to wear when this boot goes away. Get well soon!

Mary Ann at classic•casual•home said...

So sorry to hear about that! I think you should definitely give the boot some Christmas decor!

Thanks for your comment about losing our dog.

Merry Christmas.