Monday, December 16, 2013

Counting Down!

Wow -- the countdown to Christmas is on
and . . .
I feel a bit behind.
Every year I have a vision in my
head of getting everything done early,
wrapping as I go, decorating up a storm,
baking and merry-making.
every year,
that vision does not materialize and
I feel behind.
But, that's ok.
There is still time to do some baking and
wrapping and decorating, right?
I was busy last weekend shoveling snow,
don't you know! :)
Love how pretty our house looked in the snow!
We did go to our neighborhood "adults only" party
(that sounds kinda creepy, doesn't it?
it wasn't creepy at all).
It was lots of fun and tons of yummy food
and drink!
Muffy loved every minute of playing in the snow!
We really have the best neighborhood!
One elderly lady told me she's lived in her house
for 60 years!
Wow -- she knows something about every house
and who lived there.
Finally, after 20 years, our
house is no longer referred to as the "Wilson" house.
(The Wilson family lived here before us --
we still get some mail for them sometimes!)
Muffy and her BDF, Dixie, playing tag!
And since, I seriously do not like to have
a post without a photo, I've
thrown in some random ones
for your enjoyment!
You're welcome!
Have a great week!


Jodee Leader said...

Don't worry! You aren't the only one! I feel so behind too. Let's blame it on Thanksgiving being soooo late. Cory has declared a bake-a-thon for this Saturday so it's definitely not too late! We will expect some of your famous fudge next week!

Although I have lots of wrapping done, I still have more shopping and running to do. UGH!

Love the snow pictures!

Hope you enjoyed your day off!

likeschocolate said...

Your house looks so beautiful all covered in snow. Makes me wish for just a little snow! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Your home is gorgeous. An adult party sounds kinda nice. Maybe it's the drinks that sound kinda nice tonight (smile). I'm so behind with Christmas too. Most of the gifts are purchased, but nothing is wrapped. Hopefully, I can find where I stashed them. I haven't attempted any baking. No cards have been sent. Perhaps, we need to clone ourselves! Christmas hugs!

Courtney said...

The snow does make your house look beautiful. We had a snow day today and I really thought I was going to get some baking done. It didn't happen, a failed trip to Walmart (they were out of tons of stuff that I needed) and pure exhaustion after the trip to Walmart led to no baking. Oh well it will get done.

starnes family said...

OMG. Could your house be anymore picture perfect? I'm dying!!!!!!!

Laurie said...

Ditto the last comment- totally picture perfect house! I think everyone is a bit behind this year in their preparations, but it will all come together. ;)

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Your house looks beautiful in the snow! I am so far behind that I don't know what to do first! Things will fly around here after we get out of school on Thursday!

Mary Ann at classic•casual•home said...

Your home is so pretty in the snow!!! Just some fog here in San Francisco.