Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Weekend Update!

I seem to be falling a bit
behind in my blog updates lately.
January is not my favorite month and
it just puts me into a bit of funk --
Every. Single. Year.
The month is too long, too cold, too everything.
we must forge ahead, right!

Photo courtesy of Huskers.com

So, we tried something different on Saturday night.

We went to a Husker Women's Gymnastics Meet.

Photo courtesy of Huskers.com

Actually, it was a combo -- Wrestling and Gymnastics together!

They called it "A Rumble and A Tumble"!
It was loads of fun -
those girls are seriously talented
and so are the wrestlers!
Both teams won their meets!
And even though it was two very popular sports,
it was not too crowded.
We saw the ever famous (and a little weird)
Lil Red!


Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Totally agree that January is the "blah" month. It is totally a let down after the holiday season.

Sounds like a fun time at the sports event though. Our family would have loved it, but we are in the midst of basketball.

starnes family said...

Midwestern peeps hate January. All of you girls do! :( But, you make the best out of it......glad to see your post!

Musings from Kim K. said...

January isn't my favorite month but CNY isn't too far away! I wish you lived closer. I'd love to get Maddy on our backyard ice rink. Your weekend activity sounds like so much fun.

Jodee said...

I am with you, sister! Spring can't get here quick enough!

Please holler the next time you want to go to a meet and K and I will tag along. What a fun night!

Courtney said...

I agree, January is a long month. Hopefully it will move along and make way for spring.

Laurie said...

When I read your post title I immediately thought of Saturday Night Live! :) Years and years ago we took our niece to a Nebraska gymnastics meet- we all thought we were at the Olympics. Amazing talent!

Lisa said...

January is a let down by all means. Love gymnastics! can't wait for Sochi!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

looks like a fun outing!

Stay warm. Looks to me like the days are getting longer little by little. So spring is coming!