Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Flips and Jumps and Handsprings!

The last camp/clinic Miss Maddy attended in July
after the theatre camps was a 
gymnastics/tumbling week-long clinic.

She really, really wants to do a back handspring
following a round-off!

Maddy asked me about my gymnastic abilities??
I think I peaked at somersault a long time ago and never even
came close to mastering a backwards somersault!

She loved the camp and improved so much!
she's giving up dance and switching to 
A private lesson once a week is really moving
her closer and closer to her goal!

Meanwhile, she's making me work with her on ab exercises
daily to help strengthen our core.
My core says whattttt?
She does the exercises diligently while
I struggle and
she laughs!
Tweens can be so cruel! :)


Kate said...

Good for her! Your last comment made me I asked Lia to take some "before" photos as I bought a new skin regimen and hope to see some improvement. Needless to say...both my girls were hysterical taking photos of my "wrinkles"(I actually was too!) the point of doubling over laughing...I fear I may be a lost cause...but at least I am going down laughing...

Musings from Kim K. said...

I need your daughter to help me with my 'core'. Have fun!!

starnes family said...

Lainey is recently interested in tumbling. Seems lower key than dance. I'm excited!

Jodee said...

How fun! Please let me know how you like it there because I know Kamree would love it too!

Courtney said...

Way to go! I love that you are working on your core together. I need her here for a little motivation!