Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cool Pool Time at WDW

Who doesn't love some relaxing time at the pool??

While we thoroughly enjoyed the rides and 
the parks and the characters, the temps were
rather toasty warm in Orlando!
So, we also enjoyed 
some pool time!

Miss M loved the lazy river pool!
She talked me into getting in too - which was loads
of fun . . . 
until I tried to get out!
Holy cow, it was a little tricky to get myself 
out of that tube!  
I had to maneuver myself through the 
inner tubes full of laughing kids, 
over to the stairs and catch a railing to pull myself out!
Guess my flexibility and strength training both need to be ramped up a bit!
Hiding my hair under a hat -- an everyday occurrence at WDW!
Our schedule most days was to head to the parks early
and then back for some cooling off and rest time
before evening activities started!

It was perfect!
We miss Disney World already!

The view from our balcony!


Kelli said...

Great pictures! I love the view from your balcony! It looks like summer is treating you well.

Jodee said...

That sounds like the perfect agenda to me! Cute pool pictures! Love your hat too!

Laurie said...

LOVE the pool pics- looks SO refreshing!! I had to laugh at your "getting out of the tube" story... I got into one of those little bumper cars recently and practically had to call the jaws of life team to get me out. How embarrasing! :(

Musings from Kim K. said...

You look adorable in your hat. Isn't WDW the best!! When we've gone, we seem to never take time to actually enjoy the pool and relax. Being on the go, go, GO at WDW is draining. Happy soon to be weekend!