Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cousin Time!

One of the very best parts of our WDW trip
was that my sister and her daughter
were able to join us for a few days!
Grace is 2-1/2 years older than Maddy and very, very cool!
She recently turned 16 - old enough to drive!

1st Disney trip together (Maddy was 5 and Grace was 7)
Cousins are the best!
Even though these two don't get to see each other often,
they love getting together - especially on vacation!

Grace 16 and Maddy 13
It  might be true that they got a teensy bit tired
of our many attempts to get their photos!
But, seriously,
isn't Disney all about the photos???

Magic Kingdom!

Next time, we're hoping to get to a character breakfast
with Grace and Amy.
I can see Grace rolling her eyes already!

Thanks for meeting us Amy and Grace!
Let's start planning another adventure soon!


Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Kids that age just don't like to have their photo taken. My kids complain about it all the time.

Courtney said...

So fun that they can get together and share that special time.

Laurie said...

AWESOME!!!! Love the fun with cousins!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Aren't cousins the best? To have Disney as a meeting/reunion place makes it even more special. I love seeing all the changes through the years in their pictures. A driving cousin! Super cool!

Jodee said...

I agree! Spending time with cousins is the best! I can't believe how big Grace and Maddy look in these pictures. Don't blink!