Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Practice Makes Perfect

During summer break, Maddy had a few different goals and camps she attended.
One of the skills she really worked hard on was
perfecting her back handspring!

She took a week-long camp on "Master the Back Handspring"
that met daily for an hour and a half.
I think that camp (and the fact that it was
taught by her favorite instructor)
really put her on track to 
reach her goal!

The week before school started, she did achieve her
goal and got the back handspring!
She takes a private lesson weekly or every couple weeks
with Rachel to work on tumbling skills.  
Besides keeping her in good athletic shape -- they do conditioning
in addition to tumbling, she's more confident and walks taller.
Another goal of hers --"grow taller!"

If you follow me on Instagram (janetmboucher), you 
can see the video.  I must say, I watched it
a million times as it amazes me how she can do that -- 
especially since a somersault seems tricky to me!

After a little break so Rachel could
visit family in California, Maddy is anxious to 
get back to the gym!
Goooooo Maddy!  :)


Billie Jo said...

That is a reason to celebrate! : )

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Great job! It is always good to have goals in life.

Musings from Kim K. said...

She's so darn talented. Way to go, Maddy! You are going to need to update your blog header. Maddy has changed so much these last few years. Such a beautiful young woman.

Jodee said...

Wow! I am soooo proud of Maddy! That rocks!

P.S. I am sure Kamree would LOVE to join her for tumbling!

Kelli said...

Great job! She has the best smile!