Friday, August 21, 2015

Back to School - 8th Grade!

Oh my word -- how did that happen?
I blinked and it was time to get out the uniforms, round up the
 pens, pencils and notebooks
and get back to school! 

1st grade!

We had such a great summer and so much fun hitting the 
pool nearly every evening!
Bonus -- Maddy took a shower and washed her 
hair there before we headed home, so no 
need to do that at home!

A few other fun activities included visiting and working at our sweet little zoo,
learning how to do a back handspring, shopping at Target, walking the dog
and trying (not always successfully) to declutter.
That's a story for another day!

And all of sudden, Maddy is an 8th grader!
She has been at the same elementary school
with almost all the same kids since 

Not so sure if she is quite ready to give up the
10 am wake-ups, but the first few mornings have gone very well!

Fingers crossed for a fabulous 8th grade year!


daniellem02 said...

Such a pretty girl--hope she has a great year!!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

I'm sure she will have a great year! Those early morning wake up calls are killing the kids at our house too.

Lisa said...

hope she has a great year!!!

Laurie said...

She is one lovely 8th grader! I love seeing those pictures from "way back"... too cute! My kids still wake up around 7:00 even if it's summer time- I'm wondering if I'll like it when they learn to sleep in, or if I'll be wanting them to WAKE UP!! :) Hope Maddy has a wonderful 8th grade year!

Billie Jo said...

What a beautiful 8th grader!!!!
Prayers for a happy, healthy, fun school year!!!
Where did that summer go?!?!

Jodee said...

I hope Maddy has a great school year! Love her sweet uniform!

Courtney said...

She looks adorable. I hope she has an awesome year!

Kelli said...

Such cute pictures and yes they grown up in the blink,of an eye! I hope she is enjoying her school year so far.