Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Super Fair x 2!

Since our State Fair is in another city located 2-3 hours away,
we generally skip it and hit the local County Fair instead.
They call it the Lancaster County SUPER fair!

So, we headed out to it last Friday as it was nearly over and would be leaving 
for some other Super location! :)

Imagine our disappointment to learn upon arrival at 1:30 pm 
that the rides wouldn't be starting until 6 PM!
We made the best of it and saw some inside exhibits,
petting zoo of some incredibly smelly animals 
and basically wilted in the extreme heat and humidity!
No, we didn't last at the fair until 6 PM.

So, on Saturday, we tried again!
This time the rides were up and moving! 
But, as rides sometimes get old, crickety and slow, 
they were a bit of a disappointment.

Still, that didn't stop us from 
riding an incredibly teeny teacup ride (I almost could not get out of the teacup),
the Worm rollercoaster,
the Tornado (twice) and the Ferris Wheel!
Since it was another day with seriously high 90 degree temps
with high humidity too, we again wilted and 
didn't manage to stay for a few extra hours to
see the "Magnificent Mutts" dog show.

Game was not running, but we loved that Minion!

Lesson learned -- check the schedule before heading to
the Super Fair!


Lisa said...

still a fun time!

Jodee said...

Holy cow! That is the not-so-super fair! How disappointing! I still can't believe that you went two days in a row! You get Mother of the Year for those back to back outings!