Monday, August 10, 2015

Zoo Crew Update - Baaad Horseys!

A little Zoo Crew update for you!
Maddy has really been enjoying her 
volunteer gig at the zoo this summer! 
Most of the time, that is!

Looks cute and sweet -- but this horse is one of the biters!
Last Monday, however, a horse (one of the naughty small horses)
bit her on the inside of her arm!
 While it didn't totally break the skin, it left scratches
and a big bruise.
Then she worked on Wild Wednesday evening
when the zoo is open until 8 pm.
One horse was DONE and ready to head back to the 
stalls when about 5 kids came up and needed rides.
Since the other two horses had already left, Scout (the horse)
was stuck doing all the rides.
Scout was not happy about that.

To show how unhappy he was, he tried to rub Maddy
off on a fence as she led him around on the horse ride
resulting in a huge scrape and sliver on the inside
of her other arm!

Battle scars from the zoo!

She's still enjoying being a part of zoo crew, though it's winding down with
school starting soon.  She has weekend assignments
until the zoo closes in October.
She is definitely watching out for the horses!

Her favorite assignment is the butterfly pavilion -
who doesn't love butterflies! :)
Bonus -- it's right next to the most adorable Wallaby families!

We don't have a huge and fancy zoo like Omaha's, but
we do love our children's zoo!


Laurie said...

OUCH! Poor Maddy! Still sounds like a great experience, but oh my, those animals do have a mind of their own! :)

Kelli said...

Oh poor Maddy! We too have a small zoo in our town.

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Poor Maddy! Those horses can be stubborn, especially when they are hot and tired! You must be so proud of her volunteering all summer for the zoo.

Jodee said...

Oh my word! I can't believe how naughty those horses are! They always look so sweet! Kudos to Maddy for volunteering at the zoo all summer! We will see her soon for Wild Wednesday!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Maddy is one special girl for volunteering all summer. What a fantastic experience for her despite some very naughty horses!

Jill said...

Sorry to hear that about the ponies :-( At least it hasn't broken her spirit for sticking with it :-) I love butterfly gardens... they are so beautiful! Have a great evening.


Lisa said...

Meghan can't wait until she can volunteer at our zoo. Poor Maddie!