Monday, November 2, 2015

Hello November!

Before I get back to all things 
Trick or Treating-related,
I wanted to chat a bit about the weather --
Holy cow -- November -- I Love you!
 We are having incredibly
warm and sunny weather -- 
not at all typical for Nebraska in November!

Last week - there were frost warnings out and
some serious frost on the ground Thursday morning!
Yesterday, November 1st -- it was 80 degrees here!

Today at lunch time -- 75 degrees!
I walked 2 miles over my lunch hour in the sweet sunshine
to celebrate the fabulous start to the month!

You know how much I talk whine about the cold and snow 
all winter long, so only fair that I tell you about
the lovely and warm temps!
This is not to say it will last as a cold 
front is heading our way, but
seriously . . . 75 in November!

Photo from World Wide Web -- no beaches in Nebraska!
Mr. Tennis, aka Mr. Miata, jumped back
into his little Miata convertible 
that he figured was put away until spring!

3 extra days of shorts!!!!

Even better, Mr. E. the principal at Maddy's school
declared that the winter dress code (skirts and leggings - NO shorts)
would not go into effect until Thursday, November 5th.
I had one happy 8th grader this morning!

Welcome November!!


Lisa said...

wow!! we've been in the 40s and rainy!

Michelle said...

How lovely! I have to say our weather is better than usual, too. Let's hope it last a little longer.

Jodee said...

I agree! We are having the best fall weather! However, it's really going to make the holiday season feel very short this year! I am not complaining though! Happy fall!