Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hey There Little Red Riding Hood

Just a little bit more about Halloween 
since I interrupted my regular programming 
with the weather alert Monday.
By the way, the gorgeous warm and sunny weather continues!

Maddy decided to be Little Red Riding Hood months ago
and we attempted to locate a costume in
stores, on the internet, etsy, etc.
Most were rather sleazy looking versions of the cute Red Riding Hood girl, 
so we came up with our very own rendition!
Maddy knew she wanted to wear a tutu -- 
she is a tutu-type girl and has worn tutus 
in a number of costumes over the years.

We found a cape at Walmart, the tutu on etsy and
she already had a peasant blouse.
She added a black vest for warmth (it wasn't cold after all)
and wore her uniform black leggings and black riding boots!

Added the eye mask too -- but it only lasted for the photos!
Mr. Miata is sporting a shark mask here and wanted to
watch Jaws all night long!
Figure that one out if you can.  :)

Our neighborhood was crazy with ghosts and goblins
 and had over 250 visitors!
I ran out of candy --
even my hidden supply that was supposed to be for me
was given up for the little monsters.

Miss M is already thinking about next year's costume --
surprise surprise . . . it involves a tutu!  :)


Musings from Kim K. said...

I love how Maddy really gets into the Halloween spirit with her costumes! I'm jealous of your amazing weather for Halloween. That's awesome numbers and to even have to break into your secret stash of treats. It was pouring rain and in the 40s. I swear it's either snowing or raining every Halloween in MI. Happy November!

Katie Clooney said...

Your daughter is so adorable - she has the most beautiful smile. Loved her costume. Our 'hood was just the opposite - we had tons of candy left over. Enjoy your week.

Kelli said...

Oh I love her costume .....2 trick or treaters wow'. What a fun neigherborhood!

michelle said...

I adore her costume and she looks gorgeous!