Friday, November 6, 2015

There's a New Chick In Town!


Oh my word -- Chick-fil-a opened in Lincoln last week!
Miss M had been watching the progress of the 
restaurant for months and
counting down until opening day.

If she had known about it and not been in school,
she would have camped out in the parking lot overnight
to be one of the "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" winners 
(free meal once a week for a year).

We were one of the crazies who attempted to
get in on opening day.  The drive-thru lines were so long, 
yet orderly with police directing traffic, but we detoured left and
hit Taco Bell instead!

Not to be deterred,  we visited the next day
earlier and went inside!
Let me say . . . it did not disappoint!

Miss M - a connoisseur of chicken strips, nuggets, et al.,
proclaimed Chick-fil-a to be "the best ever!"
She's not the biggest fan of their waffle fries -fries should look like fries,
 not waffles!
I had some yummy chicken soup - yes, I am one of those dorks
 who always orders soup!

The workers are all so sweet and friendly and at one point one of the managers 
called out -- "How do we feel?"  
And they all yelled back "H A P P Y"!

If you haven't tried Chick-fil-a yet -- we give it a big Thumbs Up!.


Jen Kershner said...

I'm with her! It is the best ever and I haven't had it in ages and I am so very hungry now after looking at those pictures. Also, it's like she gets prettier every day. NOT fair! ;)

Jennie said...

My favorite and ONLY fast food place - the servers are always so polite. And when you thank them, they'll respond with "My pleasure".

Check out their calendar that has coupons.

Michelle said...

Sounds yummy!

Katie Clooney said...

Your daughter is so cute she should do ads for Chik Fil A!!

Jodee said...

We are so excited to have a new restaurant in town! I recently took Carson for breakfast and the food was delish! I can't wait to go back!

pepa hogan said...

Here where i live in atlanta ga is where chick fil a was created. the original one is called the dwarf house. they sell extra things like straight fries, burgers, waffles, and more.