Thursday, January 14, 2016

Paint Yourself Polka Dotted

One of the fun things we did during Maddy's 
Christmas break was to visit a Lincoln
institution called "Paint Yourself Si!!y."

It was one of those Christmas break days when nearly every parent 
had the same thought  -- what can we do today??  The place was packed!
The big question -- what to paint?

On previous visites, we've painted little critters, a piggy bank,
a goldfish (that looks just like the Goldfish crackers goldfish) and
probably some other undefinable objects that
were put in the circular file once they sat at home for a while.
When Maddy was young, paint colors would occasionally get
mixed together and result in a not-quite-so-attractive brown color.

This time we decided to pick something that we hoped we'd actually
keep and use!  Maddy worked on a cup/mug
and I did a bowl.
We saw some samples of a polka dotted bowl, so
we attempted to be big copycats.
We are like that -- so don't show us anything
creative or original unless you don't mind us copying!

We're waiting to pick up our creations
and will share a photo of how they turned out later!

It was loads of fun!
The best news is that
the Nothing-Bundt cake shop is in the same
strip mall and it wouldn't be
fair to visit one store (Paint Yourself Si!!y)
without visiting the bundt cake store too, and
you know, we are all about playing fair!

Old photo -- we actually bought a mini-bundt cake but wished we had a big one!


Laurie said...

A bundt cake store? What will they think of next? How fun! And I"m with you- whenever I've gone to one of those painting places I find something to copy. This lady doesn't have original artistic thoughts! :)

Billie Jo said...

Looks fun!
And that cake?!
Have a cozy day!

Katie Clooney said...

My #2 and I went to one of those places the week before she went to college. We both painted coffee cups for each other and wrote a secret message inside. We had so much fun we did the same thing the following year. I have my coffee out of one of those cups every morning and look at her message "I love you, Mommy." Looks like you ladies had a great time, too. Enjoy your weekend.

Jill said...

So adorable, looks like a lot of fun and that cake looks delicious!!


Jodee said...

We heart Paint Yourself Silly and Nothing Bundt Cakes too! Love your polkadot pieces! Let's plan another outing there soon!

Michelle said...

That looks like so much fun! Can't wait to see the finished products.

Musings from Kim K. said...

That looks like so much fun! What a great mother-daughter activity. Bundt cake too!! Yummy!

Lisa said...