Thursday, April 28, 2016

21-Day Positivity Challenge

I know it may be hard to believe,
but sometimes
I feel more like Eeyore
than Tigger!
Woe is me!!

Eeyore - Disney - 2011
So, for the last few weeks and through the end of
April (and beyond)
 Maddy and I have taken on a
positivity challenge.
We will attempt to be less cranky, less demanding,
less bossy - truth be told, that's a tough one for me!

Eeyore - 2015
Of course, we haven't been 100% successful.
You know work, school, life gets in the way
sometimes and bogs a person down.
But . . .
we've both been making real
efforts to be more patient, positive and enthusiastic!
And I think that deserves some
Scotcheroos, don't you! :)

Tigger - 2011


Laurie said...

GREAT challenge!!! And some fun pictures too! :)

Billie Jo said...

Great challenge, my friend.
Love your happy photos!

shortybear said...

awesome challenge

michelle said...

Positively awesome challenge!

Lisa said...

great idea! i need more positive things in my life

Linda said...

Awesome post and beautiful photos! :)

Katie Clooney said...

I don't believe either one of you could ever be cranky. But good for you! Hope you have a very happy weekend!!

Jodee said...

I love this idea and we should borrow it too! Hope you had a great weekend!