Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Update!

Weekend Update --
Did you know that Prince wrote "Manic Monday"
for the Bangles?
Me neither!
It's one of my favorite songs -- Maddy thought I made it up!
But no, that was Prince, not Jboo!
His sudden death was such a shock. 
I had no idea he had such a huge fanbase.  
Now, I will think of him every Monday when Maddy and I 
sing  "Just another Manic Monday, wish it was Sunday . . . "
on our way to school and work!

Miss M was not feeling well at the end of last week
 necessitating a doctor's visit!
She's generally very healthy, but we thought it might be strep as her throat
was very sore and she was exhausted.
Not strep - but a respiratory flu-like virus that wore her
out and has now moved into a croupy cough.
Poor girl -- I've been distributing Tylenol* daily.

She's doing better today but when she coughs -- watch out --
thankfully, it sounds worse than it feels!

In other happier news, look at the door poster that the senior
cheerleaders made for each of the freshman girls!

Cheer uniform ordering happened a week ago.
That's an experience!  I have no idea when they wear some of the
stuff that was required, but I'm sure we'll find out! 
Parents were instructed to 
"Bring Your Checkbook!!"

Cheer practices start in May; cheer camp in July
and fundraising has already started!
Meanwhile, Maddy continues her efforts to teach me how to do a 
Will keep you posted! :)


Billie Jo said...

Hope she feels all better soon!
And I can't wait to cheer right along with you all come fall!!!
Have a cozy day.
So many memories of Prince from my high school days.

shortybear said...

praying for her to feel much better soon