Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sing, Sing a Song - Jr. High Final Choir Concert

The final choir concert for the junior high at Cathedral 
happened the other night!
8th graders in choir
It was so lovely!
Seriously, is there anything better that warms your heart and soul than hearing 
junior high students singing and giving praise in Church?

A number of parents attempted to video the
concert with the iPhones.
Mr. Tennis did a short portion, but then I quietly reminded
him that it's really distracting for others behind you.  
Plus, you're not really enjoying the moment when you're trying to hold your iPhone steady!
Last year, a woman in front of me held up her iPad the entire
concert!  Looked to me like the best images she was getting
was of the bald guy in front of her!

One of the really big things about the concert is that the students
do not have to wear their uniforms!
Yippee - -a chance to wear a dress for more than 
one occasion!
But wait . . .
does anyone else have a difficult time finding appropriate
dresses for 14 year olds that are not dorky
and do not look too kiddish or too old ladyish?
Please, tell me I'm not alone!
Luckily, we have a found a couple that work
with a denim jacket (as they are too bare), 
but Maddy and I are wondering . . .
where are the cute dresses for girls her age
that meet the criteria above?

So, now talk amongst yourselves and give me your advice!

Coming up soon . . .
8th Grade Graduation!


Jenny Leong said...

I may be biased~~~Maddy's outfit is the cutest - modern yet modest. Looking forward to her graduation photos.

Billie Jo said...

I so agree!
It is impossible to find appropriate dresses for girls that age!
So frustrating...
But you and your daughter did an excellent job.
She looks lovely!

Laurie said...

I feel your pain. We're at the stage where Allison is tired of the "little girl" dresses, but she doesn't quite fit into the "big girl" dresses yet. Thankfully we haven't had a lot of "must dress up" occasions lately. Maddy looked adorable- a jean jacket is always a fun way to modernize a dress!

Jodee said...

What a fun night! Maddy looks adorable and denim jackets are always perfect in my opinion!