Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Catching up - 8th grade Graduation!

Happy June!
Sorry for the little absence - I was out of town for a few days!
I attempted to blog from my iPhone and/or iPad, but
guess I am not quite techie enough to figure it out.
I could not get photos to load and  . . .
we all know a photo is worth a thousand words!
Oh well, I'm back!  :)

Miss Maddy graduated from 8th grade last week!  It was a lovely ceremony at church, 
but first we had a dress emergency!!

Maddy planned to wear a white breezy dress with her denim jacket
(to cover up a bit as required).
 After she put it on, we realized the denim jacket would not work
with her graduation gown!!  
Oh no!!  What to do????

Graduating class of 2016 -- the girls!
 Plan B's dress did not have sleeves long enough to meet her teacher's requirements.  
So, we quickly figured out a Plan C - a dress she wore in 7th grade still fit and had 3/4 sleeves 
and no collar, so it worked with her graduation gown! 
Whew -- crisis averted!  

Unfortunately Mr. Tennis and Connor were out of town and couldn't be there. 
Blame me -- I made their reservations, but didn't realize they would be
out of town for graduation. 
Luckily, Maddy's oldest brother, Philip, was able to attend!  
After the graduation, the school held a cake and punch reception
 downstairs in church 
so parents and graduates were able to gab and grab some photos!  
Nearly all of the graduates had been together since kindergarten!
Isn't that the sweetest!

Entire 8th grade graduating class of 2016 -
Cathedral of the Risen Christ
They really all grew up together and have made
 so many wonderful memories from K-8! 
Most will go on to high school at our local Catholic High School,
but going from a total of 34 students to a class size of probably 500
will be a real change.
They are up for the challenge I'm sure.
Now it's time to enjoy summer and prepare for high school!
Congrats to the graduates!


Billie Jo said...

Congratulations to your lovely girl!!!!
What a beautiful class...
And good job with the dress!!!
Enjoy your summer as the excitement of high school awaits! : )

shortybear said...

congrats to dear Maddie

Laurie said...

I love that they've all been together so long- lots of great memories, I'm sure! Congrats, Maddy! :)

Jenny Leong said...

Congratulations, beautiful Maddy! The photos are indeed worth a thousand words.

Enjoy your summer.

Kelli said...


Katie Clooney said...

So sweet. So the teachers are concerned with sleeve length under the gown? She looked positively adorable, as always. Hope y'all have a great summer.

Jen Kershner said...

Congratulations to your girl! I hope she has happy years ahead of her in high school!

Lisa said...


Jodee said...

I am sooo excited for Maddy! I hope next year is her best school year yet!