Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cheerleader Camp 101

One of the ways Maddy's school prepares the
cheerleaders for their work ahead is by scheduling a
cheerleader camp for the girls to attend.
This year the camp was at our hometown University -
University of Nebraska-Lincoln - 
Freshies with their Spirit Stick
Since this is her first year, we really had no idea what to expect  but figured it would be a 
lot of cheer practices. 
They stayed 3-1/2 days in the dorms and attended
cheer classes, drills and other cheer-related instruction
from a national group - Varsity and UCA.  Other squads from all over the State were also in attendance.

Freshman squad - award for Most Improved Squad!

This is not a camp for the light-hearted or weak!
Camp days began for Maddy at 5:30 am when she got up to shower
and get ready for a 7 AM breakfast/meeting.
Cheer camp started at 8 AM and often  lasted until 8:30 PM
with a short break for lunch and water breaks throughout the day!
It was quite the learning experience!
The freshman squad (known as freshies) were assigned the 
morning shower times as the senior, juniors and sophomores
claimed evening showers!

Pius X Cheerleaders
To say she learned a lot is an understatement!
Not only did she learn cheerleader skills, but maybe even more
important, she got to know the other freshman and upper class
cheerleaders better, making new friends and memories to last a lifetime!
Bonus -- a preview into dorm life --  it's not like a hotel! :)

Freshie team with their coach Katy
Cheer practices at her school have now started up and they are
having two-a-days!  If you thought two-a-days were only for football players like me,
you'd be wrong.  
The girls are practicing from 7 AM - 9 AM and then again from
6 PM - 8 PM three days a week!
So proud of Maddy and all of the girls as they are working so hard
and doing a great job!


Laurie said...

WOW! That is quite a schedule- which shows you how much cheerleading has changed into a true sport these days! I bet she had a blast at camp!

Jenny Leong said...

Exhausting just to read about the hours of training. Excellent training for college life :-)). Maddy (as always) sports a beautiful smile!

Kelli said...

Wow they sure were busy but how fun!!

Billie Jo said...

Oh to be young again!!!!
I am exhausted just reading about it!
How much fun!
It shows in her smile. : )

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

How great for Maddy and what a way to meet new people before the school year starts! She is going to have a great freshman year!