Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cooking Class - Healthy Eating 101

As a part of their 90th year celebration,one of our local
health care systems (a/k/a hospitals) Bryan Health is performing 90 acts of kindness!
Isn't that a great idea!

One was to provide a cooking class to the public for a small fee. It was called 
"Put Fresh in that Dish!" and featured fresh veggies and fruit.
Maddy and I thought it would be fun (yes, we are well aware we need to eat
more veggies and fruit!) and it was a blast . . .
Bonus -- after the dietician prepared the dishes, we got to sample! 

Photo and recipe from "a farmgirl's dabbles" blog

First up --   Summer Red Quinoa and Veggies Salad with Honey-Shallot Vinaigrette!
Now, this salad had all kinds of things in it that Maddy and I usually would
 not pick to put in a salad or select from a salad bar or even taste 
(we are not adventurous eaters!)
Have you tried quinoa?  Red quinoa? 
I can barely spell it or pronounce it, but . . .
Guess what -- it was delicious! 
As you can see, it is also very colorful!  
As the dietician said -- it's a good
example of the motto - "eat the rainbow!" 

The other dish she made and shared with us was Watermelon Fruit Pizza!
Instead of using a cookie crust and cream cheese/sugar mix for fruit pizza like
 most recipes call for,
 use a watermelon and add toppings like Greek yogurt and your fave fruits!
So simple and oh so yummy!

Photo courtesy of world wide web
Maddy has also decided to start making smoothies for herself as she
needs some extra energy for all those cheer practices!

Photo courtesy of world wide web

Happy cooking!

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Musings from Kim K. said...

Look at all those great recipes! Watermelon pizza. What a fantastic alternative! I wish fresh produce was available all year-round at those great summer prices.