Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Little Funny for You

At last -- the election is over!
No matter how we feel about the results :0
 it's time to move forward with goodness
and kindness for all.
Here's something to smile about!

Mr. Tennis, in all of his Halloween glory, 
as Christopher Columbus or Marco Polo 
(who really knows)!

Isn't he just a hoot and a half!
He loves this costume and I'm afraid he's 
calling for formal apparel for Thanksgiving, and 
this is his idea of formal apparel!
Heaven help us!


Saimi said...

What a hoot!!! Glad the election is finally over as well. Saw you over at Billie Jo's blog and thought I'd stop in and say Hi!
Have a great day!

Laurie said...

Too cute!!! :)

Jodee said...

Whoooo hooooo! I'm also so glad that crazy election is over!

Love the costume. Where did he find that?! So funny!