Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Little Bit of Ice is Nice!

Last weekend when the weather took a 
sudden and definite dip into the low temps,
Maddy and a friend went ice skating!
BRRRR -- it was freezing!

Railyard Ice Rink (from their website)
The girls did fairly well for their first visit of the
year to the outdoor skating rink.  They even
moved away from the sides after a few
trips around the rink.
No one fell!  I'd call that a success!

The great Christmas movie Elf was
showing on the outdoor screen!

If the temp wasn't 10 degrees, I would
have sat outside by this lovely fire and watched the movie
and the girls skating.

I think I made the best choice when I went inside for 
hot chocolate with whipping cream! 


Kelli said...

The skating rink looks very neat. We have an outdoor ice skating rink in our town but it's not nearly as neat as yours.

Laurie said...

Cute pic! Looks like they had fun! I think your idea of hot cocoa inside was a great one! :)

Lisa said...

what a good mom!