Thursday, December 8, 2016

Doggie Bandanas, Craft Fairs and Holiday Napkins!

As you may recall, Maddy and I took on
special little project recently -- sewing and embroidering.
I almost felt like Ma Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie -
but I admit, I did have electricity and sewing and embroidery  machines!

After a couple weeks of nearly non-stop sewing in the evenings-- well, we did
take bathroom and school/work breaks, the craft fair took place last

Mads and I were so excited and had quite a bit of inventory including
doggie bandanas, a few dog collar scrunchies and holiday embroidered napkins.
Yes, the napkins would go into the category of 
"what one thing doesn't belong with the others?"
we wanted to include them, as we loved them.
Yes, we are  those people who think whatever we
make (especially homemade) is fabulous!  :)

You probably can't tell, but these bandanas are really well made, have soft
coordinating-color flannel on the back for doggies and do not tie.
 Instead, we sewed a channel for the 
dog's collar to go through.  So, you slide the collar through and then clip
 the collar shut around your pup's neck, voila - the bandana cannot fall off!  
Doggies - beware -- there is no sneaking out of this bandana!

Back to the craft fair report - guess when the weather decided to change and snow 
decided to fall???  Last Saturday!
Soooooo, I'm attributing poor turnout to the weather 
and the people who did visit either didn't have dogs, had never
seen anything but paper napkins before and had no intention
of purchasing anything at the craft fair.
We sold maybe 5 bandanas and 1 scrunchie in 6 hours!
Big disappointment!  :(

While we were bummed, we decided we would try again some other time,
but NOT at that craft fair!

Dog collar scrunchie!

It really was not a waste of effort or time as Maddy told me
her favorite part was the time we spent on the production
line with her cutting and me sewing!
Some evenings she had me sewing up to 10 PM!

Maddy designed her own logo and
had a business card printed
We have an entrepreneur on our hands!
Shark Tank here we come!


Jill Meade said...

I would purchase some of your napkins if you were so inclined!!! Jill Meade

Billie Jo said...

I absolutely LOVE the idea of the no tie bandana!
Good for you two. : )

Laurie said...

I can't wait to get Zoey's in the mail this week! You should offer them on Etsy or something- I'd buy more, I promise! :) I LOVE that Maddy enjoyed the "being with you" part best of all! :)

Jenny Leong said...

Maddy bonding with Mama~~and creating memories. Priceless.

Saimi said...

She is a crafty one!! I can tell this is the start of something really big but the best part is her mama's support and doing this together!! I watch Shark Tank and will be looking for her :)
Have a wonderful weekend

Rachel said...

Those doggie bandanas are brilliant!

Jodee said...

I love this new hobby and everything is sooo cute! I'm most impressed! Of course, I will buy towels!