Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Fun Design Project

One of Maddy's pre-holiday projects
involved designing a holiday tee-shirt
for the freshman cheer squad.
She just got in her head one day that maybe the other girls would
also like to have a new cheer t-shirt.

She designed this super-cute long-sleeve t-shirt!
There wasn't much time, but we were able 
to get together with the screen printing company
that does the school's t-shirts and they came
through for us with the shirts completed just before Christmas break.

Freshman cheerleader names on back.
Lesson learned - we now know that you need at least two weeks after
submitted your design and order to receive the shirts!
It was such a fun project for her and 
all of the freshie cheerleaders loved the shirts!
She's hoping that she'll get to work on the 
State Cheer tournament shirts too!


Laurie said...

Okay, this is AWESOME!!! She is super talented, and I bet her friends LOVED it! Seriously, that's an ADORABLE design and shirt! Way to go, Maddy!

Courtney said...


Courtney said...


Jodee said...

Oh my word! I am sooo impressed! Kamree would love to do this too! It's so adorable and perfect for the holidays too!

Lisa said...

so cute!