Monday, March 6, 2017

Well Hello March and 14 Years Together!

Hello March!
It feels like thunderstorms are on the way.
Yes, I should be a weather forecaster!
Look what it was like 14 years ago in Hong Kong!

The warm weather today reminds me of what it was like so many years ago
in the People's Republic of China!
It was warm and humid (as you can tell from my curly hair).
Such a special day for our family  ---
we finally met our sweet baby girl Maddy Mei.

Sometimes called Gotcha Day and
also known as Family Day marks the day 
when Maddy joined our family.
We already loved her from the photos we received earlier,
but meeting her in person was so special.
Such chaos going on all around us, but all we could
see was our beautiful girl.

Happy 14th Family Day!


Laurie said...

I can't believe it's been 14 years- WOW!! I love this picture of you guys so much! Such happiness and excitement. Happy 14 years!!

Billie Jo said...

Love this!!!!
Happy, Happy Day! : )

Jodee said...

Time flies when you are having sooo much fun! You are one blessed mama! Happy 14 years together with your sweet gal!

Lisa said...

love gotcha days!