Thursday, May 18, 2017

TGIT and who knows how to Putt Putt

It's been a long week friends!
High school has been super stressful this week
as the teachers try to cram every single thing
they can into my highschooler's brain, load on the homework AND also
give tests this week -- just a few days
ahead of final exams!

Hmmmm -- methinks they should be reviewing 
for final exams, but no one asked moi! ;)
Do you know all 73 books of the Bible . . . in order????

Anyhooooo -- we are putting the stress aside and
going to the movies Friday night to see the newest Wimpy Kid flick!
Those books and the movies are a hoot and a half!
Looking forward to laughing a LOT!

Back to Putt Putt!  
Our miniature golf facility in Omaha
was known as Putt Putt Golf!
Oh my word -- that was fun!
We have mini-golf here in Lincoln too -- not Putt Putt
but loads of fun!

Maddy and I put my old skills to the test last Sunday
for our Mother's Day golf outing!
It was 94 degrees and sunny! 
I'm sure that's what hampered my game!
Miss M, however, got a hole-in-one!!

It was a blast -- am hoping the next time we go - 
it isn't quite so crowded and the temp is more manageable -
and am sure I'll get a hole-in-one too! 
Have a super weekend friends!


Jodee said...

We are in homework hell too! Is it summer yet?!

What a fun Mother's Day outing! Cute pictures!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Laurie said...

I LOVE Putt-Putt golf- that's what we call it here- but Mini-golf will work too! :) Glad you guys had some fun together on Mother's Day. :) We are in "no homework" zone over here. What's up with that? Aaron has had ZERO homework the past week (we are out next week), and Allison has had some projects, but they've been super fun, like making an original book and making a video of a demonstration. Nothing too taxing. I can only recite the books of the Bible by singing a song- hope Maddy looked up some songs on youtube- they're kind of fun!

Billie Jo said...

Steve and Flynn are going to see that movie this weekend!
We love that entire series!!!
The older kids talked me into seeing Alien with them...
Have a wonderful weekend. : )

PattyK said...

Meant to tell you I loved the older pic of you and Maddy from your previous post! Glad you got out to do the mini-golf with Maddy. Have a great weekend - in spite of this weather!