Friday, November 17, 2017

The Business - Happy Hound Collection

Some of you may remember that Maddy
has a little doggie bandana business.  
Since it's been about a year since she first started it,
I thought I'd do a quick update!

Muffy - modeling one of the flannel tie-on bandanas!
Last year around this time, Maddy and I attended and sold
at our first and only craft fair.
While it was a fun and learning experience, we learned
that most of the people visiting our church-sponsored
craft fair were little old ladies whose dogs had just died.
Soooo, they were not at all interested in our adorable doggie bandanas.  
Nothing against lol [little old ladies], of course,
as I am getting to be one of them, but we quickly figured out they
were not our target audience.
Maddy researched a plan and decided an etsy (homemade items) store
was the way to go!  She made a logo and set up the Etsy
site, listing products and doing all kinds of social media
posts on Instagram.
She's had over 572 sales since her business
started in February, 2017!  That does not include
direct sales to friends and neighbors.
Isn't that amazing!
So proud of her and all her hard work!
She really connects with her customers and has developed
so many Happy Hound friendships!
We love visiting the fabric stores and choosing fabrics and 
sewing, sewing, sewing!
Plus, our Scottie Muffy, has thoroughly enjoyed
modeling and receiving loads of treats for her hard work!
If you'd like to see any bandanas currently available,
check it out at   Happy Hound Collection
Yawning or just waiting for another treat?  Modeling is a tough gig!


Laurie said...

THAT'S AMAZING!!! Way to go, Maddy (and Mom!)!!! I know one little pup who thoroughly enjoys wearing different bandanas as the seasons change- they are SO cute!!

Katie Clooney said...

Good for Maddy. I went over and "liked" the shop. Do the bandanas come in sizes?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Kelli said...

Way to go Maddy!!!

Lisa said...

I am always impressed with the Insta posts