Thursday, January 25, 2018


Thank you all for your kind get-well wishes!
We now have the residual colds/coughs
from Influenza A!
Soon, I'm sure we will be feeling better!

In the meantime,
on cold winter January days -
it helps to get through this never-ending month by remembering
some fun times in Florida last year!

Daydreaming of warm, sunny days
and fun times at the
happiest place on earth!

We need a little Disney! 


Billie Jo said...

Oh Disney!!!!
I could dream of it all day!!!
Thanks for the reminder, my friend. : )

Laurie said...

You're like me- whenever I'm feeling blah or sad or whatever, I love looking back at a happier time or a particularly fun trip or whatever-it always cheers me up. Your happy place always provides such fun pictures! :)

Jodee said...

So sorry you have been so sick this winter. Hurry up, spring!

I love, love, love these Disney pictures! You will be making more fun warm memories very soon!