Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Fabrics: Who Wants to Sew Some Curtains?

Since Maddy and I have been sewing together,
one of our favorite things to do on the weekend is . . . 
look at fabrics!

I know, I know, it sounds crazy, doesn't it!
But, we really do enjoy spending time at the fabric store and 
checking out the new spring fabrics, the clearance materials 
and everything in between!
FYI - Walmart sometimes has great fabrics!

One of my sewing goals for the year is to make
curtains/drapes for the living room and maybe dining room too!
This doggie fabric above is adorable -- for bandanas maybe -
but definitely not the living room!

The drapes I have are fine, but really plain and dull and sooooo dreadfully
boring -- snoozefest!
I feel like I need something with a bit more oomph!

I really like this blue fabric above -- am kind of drawn to blue.
For a while, I had blue carpet in the dining room, but we discovered original hardwood floors were
under it, so we tore out the carpet.  Come to think of it,
we currently have a large blue rug under the dining room table
that I just realized looks a lot like that fabric!

Another blue option!  I like it, but am afraid I could go blind 
or crazy or both sewing that up!  That's busy!

Am afraid Maddy would call the flowery one above "old lady" fabric!

Hmmm -- may have to re-think blue as I really like this red, but
would need to see it in person to make sure it doesn't look orangey in real life!

We'll see if or when I get to this project.
I did read a tutorial from Miss Mustard Seed (do you read her?)
and it doesn't look too terribly difficult.
Any favorites?


Laurie said...

I like that first blue one you picked out- it's kind of trendy, but I have something like that in my family room, and I lOVE it! I'd love curtains in every room, but Scott is more of a "blinds only" guy. And I"m laughing a bit because although there were lots of things my mom and I loved doing together when I was a kid, visits to fabric stores was not one of them. She loved to go and spend forever, and I was SO bored!!!! :)

Lisa said...

fabric, paper, paint, etc. I love looking at all that stuff!! (I vote for doggie curtains!)

Sammy said...

Wish I could sew! The dogs would be so cute for a boy!

Jodee said...

Great fabric finds! I love to shop for fabric too even though I can’t thread a needle! LOL