Friday, July 6, 2018

Tippy Tap!

A couple years ago, after cheer had finished, 
and Maddie was feeling like she had a lot of spare time (!),
she decided to try tap dance lessons!
Our dance studio has a class called Teen Tap so
the dancers were all teenagers and basically at the 
same newbie level!

Recital June 2018
Maddie loved it and came out every week with a red face and a really big smile.
  So much fun and an incredible workout too!

Our studio has big recitals during the even-numbered years.
It's a great way to do recitals as every single year might get to be a
bit much.  They do smaller recitals in the odd-numbered years and
not every dance class performs.

This was the year of the big recital!
The tap classes danced to a song called Faith
from the movie SING.

Maddie was one of the lead-in tappers -- that's my terminology - basically,
she led the group in on the right side to the performance stage.
She came out with the biggest smile on her face
and did fantastic!  It was so much fun to watch!

While the ballet and jazz and lyrical dances and dancers
were also beautiful -- 
the tap was the most spirited and fun!


Lisa said...

is there anything this girl cannot do???

Laurie said...

I just LOVE the idea of "teen tap". GREAT way to get older kids involved- you don't have to start when you're 3!! Glad she's loving it- she sure is a cutie out there!

Unknown said...

Tap is a blast! Love these pictures!